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IT Consulting
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We have been looking at the dynamics of application development and we are now looking for Associate Consultants to drive forward our business. You will be employed, this will be your secondary employment - it is more of a Sales Role than a Technical Role. Can you find business can you guide client through the initial analysis process, can you develop using Google Forms.

If the answer to these questions is yes - join us today. If the answer is no then take time out to learn and join us tomorrow - it is that easy.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Cloud Solutions

We develop cloud based foundation systems using Google Forms and Protopage Active Web Services.

Managed IT Services

We do not do this - but we know a man that does.

Disaster Recovery

We are part of a larger enterprise called Red Octopus Business Services. We have already established links with organisations interested in joining us as business partners..

Cloud Desktop

At present we do not have onboard skills in this area but we have contacts and will will make sure that we select the right business to outsource your requirement to.

Network Solutions

In our Social Media Groups we have Networking skills that will support our analysis.

Support Consulting

As members of the Manchester Community Guardians Scheme we offer free support and consultancy where we believe there are major projects on offer.

Testimonials is an example of a Foundation Development.

These guys have been around since the beginning of time - they do know their stuff.”

Alan Bramwell

CEO Red Octopus Business Services


Ready to find out more?

If you are keen but want to know more please give us a skype call one evening - our ID is : DotnetUK

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